It can be very disheartening when a person births a child or children and they suffer some defects.Twin babies, Blessing and Favour were born in Kenya and were joined at the sacral region of the lower spinal cord.Thankfully, a team of sixty doctors was able to successfully separate them, while making history in the process.The doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) performed the operation which has been described as the first of its kind in Africa, by

separating the two babies.The operation called Sarcophagus surgery, lasted for 23 hours from Tuesday, 6am to Wednesday, 5am.The team that worked on the children included paediatric surgeons, neurosurgeons, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, anaesthetists and nursing teams.It was disclosed that this was the first operation of its kind to be performed in Kenya and Sub-Sahara Africa.The twins, who were born in September 2014, are currently in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and are expected to make a full recovery.