A woman had the scare of her life, when a snake slithered down her car’s window.She managed to get help, and a snake catcher came after two hours.The reptile turned out to be a Stimson’s pythonAustralian Toni O’Sullivan went through an incredible –and quite scary– moment, after a snake jumped onto her car’s front window, and started slithering to one side.The strange incident happened in a street of Melbourne, and left O’Sullivan in tears and completely shaken.
A group of city workers came to the woman’s help and called City Council. Rangers arrived to hold the reptile –which turned out to be a Stimson’s python and are not venomous– for two hours, until a snake catcher arrived.“All of a sudden I see this sliding movement on the window… I thought f*** me… Am I seeing correctly? I was in complete disbelief and then adrenalin kicked in and it was either flight or flight,” the woman said.Someone managed to take a whole set of photographs of the creepy moment, which were put together in the following video: