On Sunday, March 5, a lady who wanted a baby girl shared her testimony at the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, Pretoria, South Africa, about how her pastor transformed her baby boy into a girl.The lady who is from Botswana disclosed that: “My baby girl is a miracle baby… A lady from Botswana steps forward to testify on behalf of her sister, who was seven months pregnant and believed in God for a baby girl. She narrates that the doctor scanned and told her that she is carrying a baby boy. Her sister was disappointed because she already has two sons and was hoping for a baby girl. I came as an International Visitor and Major 1 gave me a gift of the anointing oil.When I arrived

home I gave my sister the anointing oil and in faith my sister applied the anointing oil declaring that the God of Major 1 must change the gender of the unborn baby that she was carrying to change from a baby boy to a baby girl. On the day that she was giving birth the doctors were shocked as they saw a baby’s gender had changed from a male to female. And when her father heard of what had happened, he changed from going to the sangomas and he followed them to pray to the God of Major 1. Wherever you are something is turning around in the mighty name of Jesus.”The church was said to be led by a wealthy Malawian pastor, Prophet Shepard Bushiri.