This is a very sad situation where a security guard, Joy Amodu 27,allegedly tortured her 10 year old niece Foziya Danjuma almost to death just because the poor girl urinated on the bed.According to the Lagos State Police Command, Joy beat up her niece for several hours, even using her teeth to inflict bites on the little girl, and to crown up her brutality, inserted ‘Aboniki’ balm (methyl salicylate ointment) inside her private parts, her eyes as well as rubbing same all over her body.

She went at it so much that the little lost consciousness and took concerted effort by medical personnel to revive her. And come to think of it, the girl is Joy’s uncle daughter and she had asked the uncle to hand over the girl to her to train.These cases of brutality on minors are becoming rampant in the country and concerted efforts need to be taken to stop it.On morning teaser today, we ask: what do you think should be the appropriate punishment to be meted out to the lady,joy Amodu for such a wicked act of cruelty on a little girl?