A man has been killed the most brutal way ever after he was accused of raping and murdering a 4-year-old girl. The 4-year-old victim was said to have visited the area with her parents for her grandmother’s funeral when the unthinkable happened.DailymailUK reports that the alleged paedophile was arrested in Reyes, northern Bolivia, after police found a missing girl’s body earlier this week. The angry locals were said to have taken the law into their hands by storming the police station and dragged the man into the street where locals hanged him on a tree.

Hertbreaking video shows the locals forcing the bars of the jail open before grabbing the helpless man. The mob was seen beating him and dragged him through the streets after which they hanged him. The police officers on duty could not stop the locals because they were outnumbered. Ivan Zambrana, the department director of the Special Force for crime fighting, told local media: ‘The dead bodies, both the girl’s and the lynching victim’s, have been moved to Palos Blancos [near Bolivian capital La Paz], we are investigating the case.’Police officers were outnumbered and failed to stop the public lynching.