A woman from Bosnia performs a bizarre health procedure.She cleans eyeballs with her tongue.Her claims are that she has cured more than 5,000 people.An 80-year-old woman from Bosnia has a particularly curious “healthcare profession”: she licks people’s eyeballs clean.Hava Celebic claims she has healed the eyeballs of over 5,000 people, who have come to her small town from all over the world to seek her famed procedure.Many have allegedly come to her after failing to get cured with conventional modern medicine treatment. She charges 10 euros per session, but has also given out many free treatments for those who do not have a job.Celebic, also known as Nana Hava, licks her patient’s eyeballs clean, removing pieces of glass, lead, iron, sawdust, among others. She sterilizes her tongue with alcohol before starting the procedure.This video shows the way she does her sessions. “I learned this from a woman who was also called Hava,” she says, adding that unfortunately she has not been able to pass down her knowledge because “my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone’s eye.”Watch video below: