The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has condemned comments made by the renowned Roman Catholic priest Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka.The IPOB said the priest’s ideologies are being controlled by hunger and lack of good education and knowledge on issues.In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Powerful Emma, the group said Father Mbaka has many contradictions in his teaching when compared to the Holy Bible and the teaching of God.IPOB said: “From what Usman Mbaka said in his video about IPOB, you would have thought that the same Jesus he worships, sells olive oil and pure water in his name, was 1000 years old when he started his ministry that changed the course of human history.”The group noted that all the leadership of IPOB are above 40 years and older than Father Mbaka.”Every morning and night, this Fulani fake miracle selling superstitious idol worshiper kneel down to ask Jesus that died at the youthful age

of 33 for money, protection and even more fools to attend his adoration ground for prayer to the same 33 year old saviour,” the group said.The group said the preaching of its leader Nnamdi Kanu is an evidence that God has sent him to liberate the South-Easterners.Emma also said that these teachings show that God is with Kanu more than he is with Father Mbaka.A man that destroyed Nigeria without firing a single bullet is greater than Nigeria, talk less of hungry, poorly educated men that think they are Igbo elites.”You see, Mbaka does not know the word of God, neither is he educated enough to understand historical events. It is fair to conclude therefore, that Usman Mbaka is not a priest of God. If Mbaka evidentially and demonstrably is not a servant of God, he must therefore a child of Satan and servant of Baal,” Emma said.