Daniels’s office is indescribable! And if you like, irredeemable! From unending sex-discussions among staff to incessant sex across the entire office hierarchy! All without making them secrets! The driver fvcks the Vice Chairlady while the boss fvcks the secretary. Who will salvage this office from its high level of gross iniquity?Ben and Stephen Holdings LTD’- which is the firm where I, Daniela work; is simply an extension of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah, and we all know it! When we are not discussing and analyzing sex, we are actually practicing the thing! Everybody was a major culprit; from our bosses and their board members down to the secretaries and cleaners! The office was just in stench of sex, sex and more sex! It was difficult to think of my office as anything else other than an organized brothel where the hookers and whores fvcked themselves instead! In fact, not only did we fvck ourselves, we were even willing to a$$ist any guests who visited us – as long as the guest was willing to get laid! It was that depraved!Anyway, my sojourn with the office has gone a little over 4 years now and I have enjoyed every bit of it! I was informed of the vacancy at that time by a very close friend who used to work with the firm back

then! Even the way she described the place to me, easily suggested that something wasn’t very normal about the office.What was certain not to happen was having somebody who wasn’t going to be comfortable with our pattern of work, join the office! In fact, I remember one of the board members, Mrs. Titilayo, ask me specifically if I was still a virgin, during my job interview! To which I told her no! And that didn’t surprise me as my friend Bisi had told me what to expect beforehand even as Mrs. Titilayo further asked me how I got disvirgined, using the worked ‘fvcked’ while asking me so! Expectedly, the interview transcended into a narration of sex stories with questions on details of my lewd story coming from all 5 members of the interviewing team! Like you would guess, I was instantly given the job and in less than three days, I had steamy lesbian sex with Mrs. Titilayo right inside her office! Strangely still, when Mr. Okon, the driver and equally her husband’s brother stepped into the office, thus catching us in the act, he laughed hard and after fingering both of our pussies for a while, turned back and left – telling us he didn’t wish to disturb us too much!! The place was more than just a dream job! It was paradise!