A secondary school teacher has cried out for help to be rescued from female students who are trying to $educe him. He explained that he also works as a professional photographer and he takes shots of his students for business.
The 21-year-old teacher who is afraid that he might fall for one of his students asked for advice on how to avoid being tempted into committing a crime. Read what he wrote below: “I am a male teacher aged 21 years at one of the boarding girls secondary schools in Southern Province. I was deployed last year in 2016 under a replacement exercise. The trouble I have is that my pupils like seating half-nakeedy in class when I am teaching. continue below:

I have been advising them to stop doing that but they failed to change.” “My HOD in Mathematics told me; school girls are just like that. But the fun thing is that as a teacher/cameraman, school girls come to me to have half nakeed photos and as a businessman, I have no option but to photography them the way they want.””And when I am going through their photos before handing them over to them, i am forced to touch myself because of the attractive thighs they expose. They are really $educing me. Sometimes when I am on duty and tries to supervise them at their dormitories, some undress, triggering my $ex ual feelings.”