According to a Facebook user identified as Shaguolo Clemmy Elohor, the young lady was badly beaten and got a scar of her life when she was caught in the act by people within the same area where she allegedly committed the said act.”WTF her face was designed like bcus she was dating a married man she was caught n she was given d scar of

life… I guess the man won’t say a word cos he dn fuck..”All these men going after slim chicks u will leave ur wife at home with ur kids u will say my wife can’t b sexy as u… see the pit wey dis girl dn fall enter..we girl’s sef money go kill us one day n.a. dah old prick wey dn run go inside una de die for wen boy wey de hustle gist una una no go gree cos he nor get money..baskaliwag,” the post read.