A US man, Cassie McFadden, had to kill a deadly rattlesnake after his son found it slithering in the basin of their toilet. This prompted him to check around his house with the help of a snake removal company in case there were more, and he ended up discovering up to 23 of them.McFadden was shocked to find so many rattlesnakes in his house, some of which were still babies. He said had he ignored the first discovery as a one-off incident, his family would have been

in danger.The biggest discovery was 13 rattlesnakes slithering and writhing on top of each other in one spot of the house.The snake removal company checked every corner of the man’s house, including the basements, cellars and the perimeter of the compound. They removed the snakes and safely took them away.The company advises that families should always be on the lookout for these deadly creatures.Watch video below: