Wetin person no go see for Lagos?…A Lagos driver, who absolutely does not give a hoot about anything in this world, was said to have openly brought out his manhood. He started rubbing it as passengers board his board in broad day light this morning, December 8.“So today I boarded I bus from Ojota going Oshodi – Maryland the bus took quite sometime to get filled up with people. I sat in the front so I was beginning to get uncomfortable waiting for

the bus to get filled up then I told the driver I want to get down. He begged me not to, so I sat down.”Few minutes later, he started scratching his groin then before I knew anything, he just brought it out in the open and started rubbing it (Buh he wasn’t masturbating). You needed to have seen the expression on my face at first I was scared, I just brought my earpiece out and started listening to music on my phone he kept on looking at me the session lasted for about 20min. I just sha managed to take a picture of it.”