A Nigerian lady suffering from a congenital disease of the blood vessels has cried out for help, she wrote on her Instagram page (graphic photos, viewer discretion advised):Being holding this pain inside for so long, oh lord send me an angel šŸ˜‡ and lead me out of this placeā€¦.It all started as a tiny wound, after series of scan it was discovered I had congenital arteries and veins malformations of the hand (AVM)āœ‹which has ulcerated the only way to stop it from spreading is to fix it from inside,by separating the veins, after 3 surgeries it keeps spreading, then the doctors concluded we cut of the part it has affected, making me lose two fingers,and half of my palm with hopes thatā€™s where its going to end..it still keeps spreading now the doctors are saying the only way it might stop is if a lower elbow right hand amputation is done.Those words keeps ringing in my head, its not a guarantee it wil stopā€¦here I am already lossing friends, my family out of funds, spending months in the hospital šŸ„.Lord pls help

me, I need ur help Jesus, life is becoming too hardā€¦lord pls take this pain [email protected]@chinnysblog @[email protected]@olori_ranti_ajayi#needprayers#needhelp dnt want to lose my hand..Had a dopler on for weeks, my hand can not be brought down because might bleed uncontrollably, Everything happening still feels like a dreamā€¦jesus I know šŸ˜ž thereā€™s nothing u cant do, not looking for sympathy I just want to pour my heart ā™„ out, if tears could heal me I should hav gotten healed, its 1:10am and am still awake, am not the first to go through this kind of challenge but you wouldnā€™t know how hard having to deal wit a congenital incurable AVM is, I never knew things could just change like this, AVM came and stole my joy, am now feeling lik the šŸ˜ˆdevil is using me to make my family go bankruptā€¦God ur all I needā€¦Doctors treat then God heals..Come Monday I hav to agree and perhaps sign a consent form for amputationā€¦God save my handā€¦.Prayer Request;God almighty come to my aid.Have mercy on me on me,Let there b solution to my AVM.