An identical twin girl has been able to survive a rare condition which caused her brain to grow outside her skull.The young girl, Aniyah Todd was diagnosed with a condition called encephalocele causing her to only have 10 percent of her skull in her head. Her family was told that she would not survive. When she was just a day old, an operation was done to remove the majority of her brain tissue. Despite this, her parents were still told to prepare for her

death.She was discharged six days after she was born and was reunited with her twin sister, Sophia. Last week, she turned four-months-old, despite medical odds.Her mother expressed her joy that Aniya was doing all the things doctors thought she would never be able to do.‘She can lift her head up and look around. She’s so alert, she smiles and laughs, and she loves music, she’ll have a little dance.’It is her hopes that her baby continues to grow and thrive.see photos below;