A man in Japan adopted a giant 6ft 8in, 46kg caiman 34 years ago and he regularly strolls along the roads with his massive pet.65-year-old Nobumitsu Murabayashi is the owner of this huge pet that lives in the home he shares with his wife where the alligator is allowed to roam freely.He reportedly bought the animal when it was a baby and even Murabayashi was surprised that it grew this large.He said: ‘I never thought he would grow this big. It has been 34 years since I got him. I try to communicate with him through actions such as brushing his teeth, etc. He also explained that the pet is a nice escape from his marriage. ‘Every day my wife is more fed up with me. So I spend my days with Caiman instead.’He treats his animal like any other pet, brushing its teeth, petting and walking him and so on.He did admit that it was challenging taking care of the alligator but he loves it too much and hopes to be alive long enough to take care of it.He is absolutely a fascinating man. If you could own any animal in the world as a pet, which would you choose?See more photos below;