A Kenyan man from the lake city of Kisumu is currently nursing his injuries after he was caught at his friends house stealing his ‘honey’. Chuor Nyar Alego had turned down an invitation for a quiet evening with the boys only to be caught inside the house of his friend. Unknown to his friends, he was having an affair with one of his friends wife. On Saturday, after confirming that his friend was out of the house, he ran there ready to ravage the forbidden fruit. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE $EX VIDEO EXPOSED BY THE HUSBAND.

Unfortunately, that was not his day. His friend went to the bar and was informed by a neighbor that a man had just entered his house. He got a gang of his other friends and headed back to the house where he found his friend in his bedroom busy with his wife. We are reliably told that the man was beaten up so bad that his head was gaping open.