Surprisingly Prophet TB Joshua had a mouthful to say about the South African Icon Nelson Mandela.Speaking to thousands of his followers at his church yesterday TB Joshua said, “even Christians have lauded this man without bothering to see the truth of what he believed.“The reality is that Nelson Mandela was a Marxist, a Communist, a terrorist, a leader of an organization that used such bizarre and horrific practices known as necklacing in order to achieve his own ends. Necklacing was the use of rubber tires hung around the necks of a victim and set on fire. He was not a man of peace, but a promoter of war and hatred. Further, he hated God and loved the abominations that God hates.” Said TB Joshua.This sermon in no way can be assumed as a promotion of apartheid because we believe that it was wrong. However, we must remember that two wrongs never make a right.Some would question why we are trampling on

the grave of a man that has been labelled as an icon. The reason is because too many Christians are buying into the media hype without seeing the truth.he bottom line is this though. No matter what Mandela did and no matter what anybody thought of him, the moment he died he found himself facing the sovereign Creator of the Universe who is the all-seeing and all-knowing Judge of the souls of men.Mandela crossed the line into eternity without having ever placed his faith in Christ alone, by grace through faith alone, and been brought to repent and confess his sins before a holy, righteous God, therefore he is paying the ultimate penalty for his sins in hell forever. He did not go to hell because he was a terrorist, a Marxist, or a Communist. He was sent to hell because of his rejection of Jesus Christ. And i saw him myself in hell with my spiritual eye, said Prophet TB Joshua addressing thousands of his disciples.