This is a very shocking story! A female student of unilag sent us this message of what happened to her few days ago while sleeping in her room. Thou when she first the story, i though she was joking till she sent us photos.. According her, After a very stressful day in school she got back home around 5:30 pm, after cooking jellof rice, she took her bath and eat. After which she rushed to her books to read due to quiz they will be having the next day, on the process she slept off not knowing that her door was open.

Her Neighbor called Dayo entered her room locked the door and took advantage of her, giving her drugs that made her loose and free. while the guy was using her he was as well recording the girl and taking photos of her…now what the guy does now is come to the girl and ask her for $ ex, threatening that if she refuses, he will expose the video and photos online and tell her parents that she girl is into prostitution. Please what will you do if your in hers shoes… Please she needs advice not insults.