It is funny how people take laws into their hands and leaving either the guilty one or the innocent person badly injured. A man identified as, Sam Itauma, took to his Facebook handle on Wednesday, January 25, to show a video of how apostolic church members beat up an old woman for allegedly being a witch. He said: “Another old woman attacked by church members in Lagos; accusing her of practicing witchcraft. As Usual, this is how the #WitchHunters schemed out the story to suit their ignorant and callous act,’ See Photos/video below

“It happened at wonderful apostolic gospel church, during the youth vigil, A bird fell down and became a human being watch and read…’ Wow! This is how different women, children, elderly persons are merely accused of sorcery day and night, tortured and killed without anyone trying to help. If you venture to help, it means you are one of them and could be killed too.”