A video of a man from China guzzling a whole pint of beer through his nose is going viral across the internet.In the video we can see the protagonist putting a whole pint of beer to his nose and finishes the whole glass in a matter of seconds.The video has already garnered over a 1000 views on LiveLeak and is being shared all other social media.This video captures the moment this party monster with a bizarre haircut downs a whole pint of beer through a nostril.The protagonist of the video is probably properly inebriated before the stunt because getting an alcohol brain enema is painful as hell. Back in the old days, before anesthesia became common in the operation room, getting properly drunk was usually used to dull the pain before getting some limbs sawed off, so it probably holds true to today.In the video we can hear a small crowd cheering and encouraging him as he jut chugs the whole glass through his nostril. According to Chinese social media the video was captured in Lanzhou, China. And ever since it was published the video was watched for over a 1000 times on LiveLeak.One commenter wrote: “Ha ha! I wasn’t aware this is possible. Never thought about it.”Another added:“That is f****** incredible!”Watch the video below: