A fast-food worker, Sky Juliett Samuel has been arrested for allegedly contaminating a customer’s food with her menstrual blood and saliva.According to police, the suspect who works at a Jack’s Family Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi put her menstrual blood and saliva on a customer’s burger.A co-worker said she saw the 18-year-old smear the blood and saliva on a sandwich and serve it to a customer on Saturday, January 7.The co-worker’s mother posted about it on her Facebook page after her daughter told her about the incident. The victim of the alleged incident

immediately filed a complaint with the police department.The co-worker claimed that she was later sacked for not disclosing the information to her employers earlier. However, the CEO of Jack’s said she was terminated for other reasons.Samuel who turned herself into the police on Monday, January 9 could be sentenced to 5 years in prison if she’s convicted.The fast-food turned in surveillance cameras to investigators to assist with the investigation and put the matter to rest.Disgusting!