Sunday’s eviction night came with exciting twists as two housemates were kicked out and two fake housemates were introduced to give a jolt to the surviving housemates who big brother feels have gotten too comfortable in the house and have forgotten that 25million naira is at stake. Here’s how the drama unfolded. First, Bisola was saved.Then Gifty was asked to leave the house and move to the waiting room with the tearful housemates giving her hugs.It was then the turn of Coco ice to leave the house and also head to the waiting room.Bassey is saved but collapses and sheds tears as Debbie rise is however asked to leave the house.To the exciting twist now.the first fake housemate is introduced, an upcoming music artiste called Jon.his job is to get the housemates on their toes. get them a bit

uncomfortable, so their competing spirit can be rejuvenated.he is then introduced to the housemates.the second fake house mate , Ese, a beauty queen is introduced and she promises to bring major drama to the house.remember these new housemates are not here for the 25 milli and have simply been brought in to spice things up a, ebuka now turns to the housemates in the waiting room who are due for eviction and Coco ice is told to come up to the stage as she becomes the only housemate out of the three to be evictedCoco ice on her eviction ” this is a new experience … i tried as much as possible to embrace it…. i said to God when i was coming, when its time for me to go home, when You know that i have fullfilled whatever purpose you sent me there for, please let me go”