If you have been wondering what kind of position excites the ladies more during s*x, then you can’t look away from this information.Now we might finally be closer to knowing the answer, thanks to a survey of more than 1,000 women revealing their favourite positions in the sack.The survey, by Men’s Health magazine, asked women to choose three positions they wanted most in bed and their answers might surprise you.The move which came out on top was a position called (1)The Face Off which involves women straddling their partner sat down.Almost half of the women surveyed ranked this in their top three favourite positions.Women said they liked to be able to control the depth and pace of
s*x and this was why they enjoyed this particular move.The second position which women loved was the (1)G-Whizz,

which involves a woman lying on her back with her knees to her chest while her partner was on top of her.A whopping 32% of the respondents said this was on of their favourite positions because it stimulated their G-spot during s*x.
But a close third place was the (3)Flatiron position, with 31% of the women surveyed saying it was in their top three.This involvs women lying on their stomachs with a cushion underneath their middle and their partner behind Because – put simply – this made their partner feel larger.And finally, the fourth most popular position with 30% of the women saying it was in their top three was the Stand And Deliver.For this one the woman lies on the edge of the bed with her legs raised, while her partner stands on the floor.them.