Pictures have emerged online of the very dreadful fate which many Nigerians fleeing for greener pastures in Europe have met in the desert. A post by Nigerian Facebook User Mcthomas Precious, showed corpses of allegedly those of Nigerians seeking to migrate to Europe through the desert. Precious shared the photos with the caption: “For those who don’t know the dangers of this route, please tell everyone it is 99.9% unsafe.”He went on to write: “The more dangers you see, the worse dangers ahead. What beats my imagination most is when some persons succeed, they see’s it as a normal thing and start giving a wrong advice but if the real person tries to give details about the dangers in the route, they start saying the GOD that see’s you through will also help them through. See Photos Below:

Africans are dying always in Libya and the desert and sea is taking thousands of lives even the Libya prisons are occupied with Africans.