Akinola, who is the executive director of Media Rights Agenda (MRA), also faulted the media trial of the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries and Miracles. Akinola lists 7 reasons why he thinks the allegations made by Stephanie Otobo against Apostle Suleman are false.
1. The fact that the lady changed her initial claim that there was a marriage introduction between her and Suleiman in her family home, after her father denied such, makes all her other claims suspect. Following her father’s denial that no such introduction took place and that Suleman had never been to his house, she now said the so-called introduction was done in the Apostle’s office. That is highly preposterous. How can you have a marriage introduction in the suitor’s office?

2. On her call for their passports to be checked to confirm that they travelled to Italy together: When a stalker is desperate, he/she can go to any length to get his/her victim’s attention. If you know the itinerary of your target, particularly a preacher whose international meetings are made public, a desperate stalker can go there in attempt to see the person. CLICK NEXT BELOW TO CONTINUE

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