A mother has died in a shrine hours after delivering a bouncing baby boy.The shrine owner, prophetess Prisca Bvekwa, was arrested and charged with causing the death of, Esnath Sengamayi.Sengamayi had gone to Bvekwa for divine intervention over her pregnancy but Bvekwa killed her instead, then denied it.A prophetess has been charged with the death of a pregnant village woman that she allegedly helped deliver a bouncing baby boy.Bvekwa delivered the woman’s baby at her shrine in St Barnabas. but unfortunately, Sengamayi died a few hours after her delivery.It is reported

that Sengamayi had gone to visit Bvekwa, popularly referred to as, Madzimai Prisca, by the locals, at her shrine for divine intervention over her pregnancy. The nine months gestation period had elapsed.Sengamayi successfully delivered, but died three days later due to post-natal complications. Even divine intervention could not save her.On hearing the news of his wife’s death, Tendai Kwesu, reported the matter to Mukamba Police Station. The police then rushed to the scene of the tragedy to collect the body.