1. The Baby Daddy: Run! Run!! Run!!! Nothing says trouble more than a guy with a baby by another woman. Unless you’re prepared for baby mama drama and you don’t mind him abandoning you in the night, mid coitus, because she called saying their child is down with something (which is probably not true), then you might want to retrace your steps. 2. Mama’s Boy: This one is up there on the list of guys you should never ever fall in love with. Not only will mummy be the standard, the benchmark to which you’re going to be constantly measured by, you’ll also find yourself competing with mummy for his love and attention, and mummy always wins – no matter how hard you try. 3. The Upcoming Musician: There are plenty of them in Lagos. Sister girl, unless he has something else going on the side, you should run for your life because, CLICK NEXT TO CONTINUE

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