Truly, 90 percent of the time we’re just thinking, “Please do something with my b-alls,” and, “Awesome,” but let’s get weird with the other 10 percent. 1. Yeah, she’s about to put my pen!$ in her mouth. OK, play it cool, don’t force it. Just let it happen. OK, YEAH, I AM GETTING A BL0W J0B THIS IS AMAZING THIS IS THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE I’M GOING TO CALL MY FAMILY (I’M NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO CALL MY FAMILY). 2. Wait, can she see my bu -tthole right now? What does it look like? I’m realizing I’ve never seen my own b -utthole and it’s kind of [email protected] me out. I’m going to get a mirror after this and check it out. No, I’m not. I’m going to leave this one a mystery. 3. What does my pen!$ taste like? NEXT TO CONTINUE

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