Burglars break into man’s art shop, scared to death by this doll.Shela Louise is the s*x doll that saved his owner art shop.According caricaturist Derrick Thompson the doll scared burglars who broke into his shop.Even though thieves could take £1,000 Shela didn’t let them get more.Thompson said he used Shela to attract clients because she is ‘the stereotypical.Caricaturist Derrick Thompson never thought that his six-foot-tall doll Shela would save his shop from some unscrupulous burglars who broke into his art shop. According to the report, the men who smashed their way in to the art shop left almost empty-handed after they were scared away by Shela Louise, a massive “tall and beautiful blonde’ he keeps on a sofa to attract clients. Even though the burglars took £1,000, Derrick believes that

without Shela there, they would have taken more.Assistant Paul Smith said: “Shela wouldn’t have done much when they broke in, but she must have freaked them out and sped up the theft.”Derrick who believes Shela is the stereotypical perfect girlfriend set up a Facebook account for her. The plastic and silicone doll has received love messages from fans in America, Asia and the Middle East – but he insists she is a mannequin girlfriend rather than a s*xdoll.According to Paul, his doll has been sent declarations of love and pictures of red roses on the social networking site – with some users believing the mannequin is real.Derrick said the mannequin is so popular because she looks like a “dolly bird” type of girl who is always glamorous. Now Shela has more than 1,500 friends and 250 followers from the UK, America, Asia and the Middle East.What do you think? Does the doll look like a real woman or is it just a fantasy from its owner? Do you think thieves thought the doll was a real person that could hit them?