Depending on where you’re reading this from, it is very likely that that you know someone that smokes cannabis,the herb that is commonly referred to as weed.If you live in any of Nigeria’s major population centres,Lagos,Ibadan, Enugu,PortHarcourt,Abuja,Kano, the chances are higher;every young person you know has probably consumed one variant of marijuana,in one way or the other, in the course of their lives.If that young person is a millennial,the chances just went through the roof.

This is not meant to cast outright assertions about the habits of the younger members of your family and friends; it is simply what statistics and months of social deduction say.According to data from the United Nations Office for Drug Control, the average age of first use for most Nigerians is between 10–29 years;the same report states that 10.8% of these people continue to use cannabis for a substantial period over the course of their lifetimes.And you might be tempted to blame failing institutions or today’s bad children, but the reasons are far simpler.