Tiger nuts are highly nutritious and contain high amounts of fibre. They are nature’s super foods which contain elements that can help fight heart attacks and improve the blood at the same time.Find below some of the amazing health benefits of eating tiger nuts:1. A high source of protein;..Tiger nuts contain an appreciable amount of protein. The body needs protein to build and repair worn tissues. It is also needed to make enzymes, chemicals and hormones needed by the body.2. Healthy for diabetic patients;..Tiger nuts can be eaten by people who have diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar levels. The insoluble fibre found in the nuts are important as they do not have a negative impact on the blood sugar level.3. A healthy source of magnesium;..Magnesium is needed for the body to function properly. Tiger nuts contain magnesium which helps the muscles and nerves to function properly.Magnesium is involved in a lot of biochemical reactions in the body in addition to regulating the heart beat and blood pressure levels.4. Helps in fighting malnutrition;..Tiger nuts can be eaten in places like Africa to fight

malnutrition. The nuts contain starch with a level higher than potatoes and sweet potatoes.They are also rich in calcium, fibre, sodium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc and manganese.5. Enhances libido;..If you are thinking of a way of changing your bedroom game, you should consider eating tiger nuts. This is a natural way of increasing your libido and making sex better.These nuts help boost sexual performances in men and also help increase libido in women. Sex is more fun when you drink the juice extracted from the tiger nuts.6. A substitute for cow milk;…Simply because tiger nuts do not contain lactose, people that are intolerant to lactose can eat or drink the milk from it when it is ground.Tiger nut can be taken as a substitute for cow milk. The nuts are also rich in calcium and will support bone health if you take them regularly.7. Helps in making the skin glow;..Eating tiger nuts regularly will make your skin glow as the nuts contain vitamin E. Vitamin E protects the body against free radicals.
Cancer and coronary diseases can also be prevented by eating tiger nuts. Vitamin E helps the skin to glow and slows down the ageing process of the skin.