An 8-year-old has committed suicide following an attack he sustained at school that left him unconcious.Following his death,the Cincinnati Public School system plans to release surveillance video showing bullies at his elementary school beating him unconscious two days prior. Gabe Taye had walked into a bathroom in Carson Elementary School to find another student getting assaulted by a group of bullies.

He attempted to help the victim but got attacked instead.The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that Taye was thrust into a wall and he became unconscious for over 7 minutes.A police report obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer reveals that after Taye’s assailant knocked him to the ground, the other students would step over him while he remained unconscious.A school official later called Taye’s mother,Cornelia Reynolds and lied to her that her son fainted.When Cornelia picked her son from school,he was really sick and vomited twice. He continuously complained that his stomach hurt even after he was taken to the hospital.Two days after the attack,Taye hung himself from his bunk bed.