An Ikeja High court today sentenced 29-year-old housewife, Onyinyechi Akunne, to seven years imprisonment for stabbing to death her 35-year-old husband, Abuchi Akunne, with a kitchen knife during an argument over lotto tickets known as “Baba Ijebu” at their apartment at No. 85, Idimu Road, Ejigbo, a suburb of Lagos on March 28th 2015. The Lagos state prosecutor, Mrs C.K. Tuiyi-Carena, had told the court how Akunne killed her husband. “On the day of the alleged murder, Onyinyechi was preparing a meal while Abuchi was sitting on a chair in their home looking at his “Baba Ijebu” lottery tickets.

Angered by her husband’s action, Onyinyechi scolded him for his love for gambling and a fight ensued between them. She took the kitchen knife she was using to cut vegetables and stabbed her husband fatally in the chest. The stabbing inflicted a deep cut in Abuchi’s chest which led to excessive blood loss and his eventual death. The victim died before he could be taken to a hospital by Onyinyechi and concerned neighbours,” she said. Akunne was pregnant when the offence was committed and she gave birth to a baby girl while in custody at the Kirikiri Female Prisons. Akunne’s baby was in court when she was sentenced.