– A survivor from the Akwa Ibom church building collapse said a lady had just been called for praise and worship when the incident happened.- She said the congregation were singing and dancing had just begun when the building caved in.- She also said an iron fell on her back and she landed on the ground.A survivor from the Friday, December 9, Akwa Ibom church building collapse has give a detail account of how the incident occurred.Eno Etim, who spoke to Punch at the St. Luke’s General Hospital, Annua in Uyo, said a lady had just been called to lead in the praise and worship session when building collapsed.She said after as the lady led the congregation into the worship session, singing and dancing had just begun when the building caved in.The survivor said she had only come to witness the consecration of the pastor of the church, Akam Weeks, as a Bishop.“I don’t worship in the church. I worship in the United Intercessors Network, which Bishop Akan Weeks also belong to. I don’t live in Uyo. I came all the way from Oron,” Etim said.Etim said: “The iron fell on my back forcing me to fall on the ground with my face down.”She was

however moved to the University of Uyo teaching hospital for proper care and treatment.Meanwhile, Etims niece Nkoyo Okon, said she received a call from an unknown person that her aunt was at the hospital.Okon said: “I knew she went to the church. But she later called me on the phone to tell me she had been taken to Annua hospital. So, I had to rush down here. I’m grateful to God she is alive.”Also, an another survivor, a 22-year-old Emen Akpanitiat, said after the Akwa Ibom state governor Emmanuel Udom came into the church, the congregation embarked on a praise and worship.It was when the governor came and people started dancing. I’m in pains. The doctor said I’m going to be moved to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital,” Okon said.“I was inside the church. Everything was normal; there was no problem. A lady was called to lead the praise worship session; the governor came in shortly after that. As the praise worship was going on, the building fell and I didn’t know how I got here,” she said.Also, Okon’s sister said her entire family is grateful to God for her survival.Also watch video below;