This is the horrific moment a furious mob lynched a suspected arsonist being held in police cells – before throwing her onto a bonfire. The 30-year-old woman was being held on suspicion of causing a fire that killed a two-year-old boy in Novo Aripuana, Brazil, on Monday.A baying mob of around 500 residents stormed the police station and broke down the doors of the holding cell before dragging her outside on Tuesday afternoon.Locals torched impounded cars to start a make-shift bonfire and pulled the woman by the HAIR onto the roaring flames.Police called for military reinforcements to hold back the mob before the injured woman could be saved and taken to hospital.They are now

reviewing footage of the incident to identify those involved – and have appealed for help finding the attackers seen on the clip.A two year-old boy was burned alive in the fire, causing fury among locals.The woman had been questioned but had not yet been charged before the locals rampaged through the 73rd Interactive Police Department building to find her.Civil Police said that the suspect had been taken to hospital to receive treatment and would be returned to a new police station with a secret location to avoid further attacks before questioning over the first incident could resume.