Indian Christian couple Eunica Pogran and Maharastrian Nikhil Pawar recently got married and decided to hold their ceremony under water at Grove Beach in Kerala.With the bride in her wedding gown and the groom in his tuxedo, the couple dived in with other family and friends in scuba gear for the 90-minute-ceremony.The couple exchanged rings and garlands made out of pretty sea shells and the bride held roses.Due to it’s nature, the ceremony was officiate through the use of placards which introduced each step.To end the ceremony, a placard saying: “Now you may kiss the bride” was presented and the couple kissed as man and wife.Nikil spoke to The News Minute saying: “We have always wanted to do something interesting for our wedding and Eunika readily agreed when I proposed the idea of an underwater wedding.”The wedding was not in the plan then, but since we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, we decided to take the plunge.”Watch below: