A 35-year-old woman, Dalya Saeed, has allegedly stabbed her ex-husband, Bilal Miah Mohammed, with a carving knife.The woman was said to have tried to pull out the intestines of her 31-year-old ex-husband after a 4-hour round of s*x at about 10 p.m. on October 19, 2015, in her flat in Moseley, Birmingham, MirrorUK reports.Bilal said they were both together in her apartment to discuss the custody of their daughter because they were separated. But the discussion turned into a heated argument and then they both had sex for four hours.Just after they were done, she allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed him twice with it. Before he could recover she had ripped a little part of his intestine and flung it on the carpet. She tried pulling out his entire intestine but he claims he fought her off, pushed his entrails back into his body and ran out of the house.Saeed allegedly caught up with her ex-husband on the street and hit him with a wooden bat and a meat cleaver. He was later discovered by 3am after neighbors heard his

scream and called the police. Bilal, a taxi driver, suffered 30 separate wounds and spent ten days in the hospital, where he had two operations, but made a full recovery.”Suddenly in the blink of an eye, and I didn’t see the knife, she stabbed me twice in the belly. I can only assume the knife came from either under the bed or the pocket of her dressing gown,” Bilal told the jury on Monday at Birmingham Crown Court.”My intestines were out, everything was out and she was grabbing hold of them, trying to pull them. She broke one of them and threw it onto the floor but I managed to put the rest of them back in my belly.”Saeed who told police, following her arrest, that she attacked Bilal in self-defense after he forcefully slept with her denied charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent. Bilal, who has remarried, admitted that he had been physically and verbally abusive towards her during their two-year Islamic marriage. The trial is still ongoing.