A family has been left devastated and in great pain after discovering the butchered body parts of their daughter who was sent on an errand.The little girl’s body was cut into pieces with her privates missing.A ten years old girl, Fatmata Missa, formerly of Nemesedu village, Kamara Chiefdom, Kono district, was allegedly murdered and mutilated on Friday, 2nd December 2016.The incident happened in Kono area of Sierra Leone. Giving details of how the incident happened, the girl’s mother, Sia Missa said the that at 0700 hours, she sent Fatmata Missa, now deceased and her
younger sister, Rebbecca, aged 2, to harvest cassava leaves at their farm, which is about 100 meters from the

village.When an hour passed, Rebbeca returned to her and told her that Fatmata (deceased) has left at the together with one Vandy Ansumana, who was hired to work at the farm on that day in question.It was gathered that when the girl’s father Komba Missa learnt of the incident he reported the matter to the chief and groups of youths of the village were dispatched to look for the said girl in the surrounding bushes.During the interim, Vandy Ansumana was arrested in the bush where the mutilated remains of Fatmata were found. The head and private parts of Fatmata have not been discovered yet.Vandy Ansumana and Komba Missa are with the police helping with the investigation