A Facebook User; Comr Lotanna wrote;Oooh!! I can hear the tribulation of the family, friends and relatives on the demise of our brother,friend and relative, death why have thou done this to us,this is unjust and unfair ,lord we have no right to question you on any thing cos he who u say shall live must live. On this day 13th November been yesterday @ 9am, along waterworks road

abakaliki, Ebonyi state.He was crushed down by a tanker on his way back from a football training .A friend and a brother was taken away from us, the grief in our hearts are beyond compare but then we are mere mortals and since death is inevitable, we know we all shall answer that call someday sometime ,but lord let it be at your appointed time, may this scandal of untimely death not come our way henceforth lord.

Adieu Ugota Ebuka