Irene Crump (right) and Phyllis Jones have spent a century within a few miles of each other and have now celebrated their 100th birthdays with a joint partyIrene Crump and Phyllis Jones were born 25 minutes apart on November 20, 1916, since then they were almost inseparable.The girls went to the same schools, had the same first job at a porcelain company and even now they live under one roof in Stourport, Worcestershire, UK.The sisters marked their special day in the bosom of the family and friends and cresited their longevity to “hard work and good food”.The kind hearted twins didn’t ask for presents, instead they request their loved ones to donate to the

local air ambulance.We celebrated our 90th together, and last year we celebrated our 99th birthday too. Hard work and good food is our secret, that’s all I can put it down to.We’ve always been close and we live together now, Phyllis moved in with me five years ago. I can’t walk very far now but Phyllis walks around the block every day.”Both Irene and Phyllis got married. Irene’s husband Samuel died in 1999 and lived well into his 90s, while Phyllis’ spouse, Ray Jones, died aged 91 ten years ago.Irene has no children, nevertheless, Phyllis’ son, Carl Jones, cares about both of them.see more photos below;